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Toll Free: 1833 641 3233

Other Homeopathic and Herbal Remedies

Find more about other MyA International Laboratories, Inc. products here:
  • Shop ALL MyA International Laboratories products.
  • All supplements are under the Herbal Remedies category of the website.
  • Modern Homeopathic Products are under the numbers ## 000-089 are in the Modern Homeopathy category of the website.
  • Classical Homeopathic Products are under the numbers ## 090-191 are in the Classical Homeopathy category of the website.
  • Vitamins and Minerals are under the numbers ## 1000-1030 are in the Micronutrients category of the website.
  • Pet Care Products are under the numbers ## A1-A22 in the Pet Care category of the website.
  • Under the Immune Therapy (Table) we list homeopathy products by numeral and alphabetic order.
  • Under the category Shop By Health Concern you will find homeopathic products and supplements groupped by the health concerns.


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