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Toll Free: 1833 641 3233
Toll Free: 1833 641 3233

MyA International Laboratories, Inc.

Mission of MyA International Laboratories, Inc. is to help people with a better quality of life, with our quality products, and give the opportunity to the distribution organizations in bettering their economic status with a generous plans. 

Health is an important issue today and we are encountering ilnesses that were unheard in the past due to the deficiences in nutrition. Also because at the pace in which our lives are going we are under a tremendous amount of stress on a continious basis. MyA International is focusing on this issues and providing not a solution but, a helpful alternative so that we have the life that we all entitled to.

Times have changed so do we have to change and MyA International has taken the first step toward that change with a variety of health supplements that will help those who suffer from stress, diabetes, obesity, lack of memory, decalcification, digestive problems and a variety of other health conditions.

It is not an intent noor the suggestion that MyA International products are substitutes for medicines, or visits to the Dr. office, we must emphasize that when any of our readers have a health issue thay should contact a specialist on the fields, be it a Dr. Chiropractor, Dentist, etc.

These are nutritional supplements and by definicion it will correct deficiencies caused by lack of essential nutrients not encountered in the diet but present in the supplements.

Some of MyA International products are homepathic remedies sold over the counter at a variety of pharmacies and health food stores. We must strongly emphasize the need to see a health care specialist before taking these products and when taking the directions on the label should be followed.

MyA International does not intend to replace the health care that you, the consumer, need.

MyA International has medical doctors that provide seminars on a continious basis.

Dr. Michael Martins,
​Owner and President of MyA International Laboratories, Inc.

Owner and President of MyA International Laboratories Dr. Michael Martins earned his baccalaureate degree in arts from California State University at Northridge. He studied at Pepperdine University where he received a Master of Arts degree. Continuing his studies, he received two doctoral degrees, the most recent of which was in psychology from University of Coimbra, Portugal. 

Dr. Martins served his internship at the Tarzana Psychiatric Hospital in California. He served as Handicap Coordinator for the United States Postal Service where he was responsible for recruiting and employing physically handicapped persons.

While in private practice, he secured a contract to work for the Portugese Government where he used extensively homeopathy.

In 1994, Dr. Martins introduced a line of organotherapy homeopathic products in the United States. He incorporated Homeopathy & Herbal Laboratories in 1997 which later became MYA INTERNATIONAL for the production of both modern homeopathy and classical homeopathy and nutritional supplements as well as a line of health and beauty products.